Darlene Dartz

Jan seemed to know the area and market very well. She kept in touch on a daily basis and seemed eager to get the house sold. She responsed quickly to phone calls and emails and was always eager to come to me to conduct business. There was two of us selling the house and she handled that delicate situation professionally. Basically, she knows the market, has good negotiation skills, is eager to get the property sold and knew what items to highlight about the house as well as what needed to be fixed. The only concern was with escrow. I would have assumed that she would know this wouldn’t be a tax exempt property and did not immediately recognize this basis aspect of the sale of the house as respects what escrow was/& did do in error. Several weeks after escrow has closed I am still trying to clean things up and she did not seem that concerned at the seriousness of the situation. I would advise that if you use her, she not pick progressive escrow. We left the escrow company used up to her.

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