I first used Jan’s services to help me find a renter for my home in 2009, things went well and the tenant stayed for two year. In April 2011 I decided to list my home for sale. I listed it at the very high end of the market and was willing to sell if I found the right buyer. In the middle of the listing and after I had moved to Florida a pipe broke in the upper master bath. This water damage required some minor repairs. I asked Jan if she could provide access to the repair people instead Jan and her team took upon themselves to be there each and everytime a worker had to come and let them in, and to come back and lock up and inspect the work. She also took it upon herself to meet the police on occasion when our house alarm went off. Every step of the way Jan and her team delivered beyond my expectations. It was amazing to me to encounter such exceptional customer service in this day and age. I also lived in the area of my home for five years and saw the numerous listings and sales Jan had in the La Habra Heigths area. We both knew that at the price I listed I might not sell my home but fortunately I can afford to hang on and rent. She just recently found another renter for me. I do not know how I would have dealt with all this living out of state. I would recommend Jan to anyone looking to sell or buy a home, and in a few years when the market hopefully is stronger Jan will definitely have my listing.

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