Terry & Mary Tao

Jan was fantastic! We have been asking for Jan’s advice for a couple of years prior to signing up with her. She always gave us genuine, helpful answers, more like a friend who truly cares for our benefits rather than an agent looking for clients. To be honest, we weren’t the easiest clients to work with as our house was not quite ready when we signed up with her. Jan went out of her way to provide us resources and made sure we got the maximum sale price for our house. She was professional, conscientious, thoughtful, and careful. When the house went into escrow, we had a pre-planned vacation (since we weren’t expecting the sale to happen so quickly in a market like this) and lots of loose ends. Jan took care of all the loose ends, including taking care of the dog that was on the property. Given that Jan’s the top agent in our area with tons of clients, she still gave us undivided attention to all details. Her success is well-deserved!!

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