Jan has so much information, and first hand to properties on the Market OR going onto the market, She is extremely loyal and will be on top of everything that you ask for, giving you different options, and her team is impecable at seeing and getting you more than you want!! I moved into my new house (yay) after never seeing it before my parents bought it. I am disabled and so I needed a house that was easy access for me but still amazing close to the city and had a view. And I am pleased to say we all have our own bedroom with ones to SPARE!! The breeze at this house makes me feel like I am out of the city. Love it. Good job on picking out a house a 20+something daughter in the family would LOVE anmd continue to fall in love with everday.

Even in this bad econemy Jan gives you HOPE, and when all papers are sighhned, and you lay to go to sleep at night after maybe a year of looking for THE perfect house, when its really “your perfect house”, you FOUND IT, moved in, shipping opening boxes tape trash new clock on the wall, you are in bed and the window is cracked open and its pitch quiet and all you could hear is nature, the wind blowing, you know you havent just bought a HOUSE from Jan, Jan placed you in your NEW (to you) HOME, and you drift of to sleep smiling knowing you made the correct decision on where you should spend your most sacred time, at home 🙂

Spread the word about Jan, great person, agent, great staff which is a MUST. They are extreeeemely quick with escrow, and will put up the fight for you. Keep it up Jan and everyone get yourself into a HOME not just a house with furniture.

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